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October 25, 2021, 5:07 pm
মানসিক চাপ কমানোর টিপস.

Mental Health: Find out which foods can calm the mind

Mental Health and relaxing food, Stressed out all the time? Many are under increasing stress. If the problem escalates, you must consult a doctor or psychologist. However, it is possible read more

Why does eating eggs increase body temperature benefits of eating eggs-nbc

Why does eating eggs increase body temperature?benefits of eating eggs – nbcbangla.com By hot food we mean food like meat, fish, eggs etc. Never call hot tea, coffee, or hot

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Instant Chicken Curry Recipe-nbcbangla.com

Learn Quick Recipes for Cooking Chicken,Chicken Curry Quickly – nbcbangla Chicken meat is the favorite food of everyone from young to old. It is cooked to the liking of people

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How to Make Chicken Shasalik New Month Recipi – nbcbangla

Chicken Shasalik Recipe for the New Month. How to Make Chicken Shasalik – nbcbangla Recipe Ingredients: – 1. 2 pieces of meat without chicken breast bones (large), 2. Adabata 1

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কি ভাবে মুরগির মাংসের চিকেন শাশলিক তৈরি করবেন – nbcbangla

মুরগির মমাংসের চিকেন শাশলিক রেসিপি নতুন মাসের জন্য।কি ভাবে মুরগির মাংসের চিকেন শাশলিক তৈরি করবেন – nbcbangla  রেসিপি উপকরণঃ-১. মুরগির বুকের হাড় ছাড়া মাংস ২ টুকরা (বড়),২. আদাবাটা ১ চা-চামচ,৩.

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