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Cucumber cultivation method: How to make more profit by cultivating perennial cucumber
January 22, 2022, 5:55 am

Cucumber cultivation method: How to make more profit by cultivating perennial cucumber

  • Update Time : Thursday, November 11, 2021
Cucumber cultivation method
Cucumber cultivation method

Perennial cucumber cultivation method

Product details of Cucumber – Barmasi – 20 seeds

High quality seeds of hybrid varieties.
There will be 20 pitch or more seeds
Germination rate over 80%. (Tested)
It is possible to cultivate easily in small area in roof garden or balcony.
Suitable for eating in 40-50 days
It is possible to meet the demand of family vegetables.
You will find details about cultivation in the description

Name: Cucumber Biz.
Note: The cultivation method of Cucumber, Khirai, Bangi 3 is the same.

Cucumber cultivation method in tub

Many of us grow cucumbers on the roof of our house.

But due to not knowing the method of cultivating cucumber in the tub properly, the production is not good or the plant is not fresh.

Here’s a look at how to properly care for cucumber plants, how to make natural pesticides for cucumbers, how to grow cucumbers in tubs, how to make soil for tub cucumber cultivation, and how to control diseases and diseases in tub cucumbers.

Seedlings made from cucumber seeds (Note, it is not necessary to know the soil for planting in tubs. You can cultivate any soil by mixing more organic manure or vermi manure).

To make good seedlings, it is best to make seedlings in polybags.

In that case, when making seedlings from seeds, first soak the seeds in water for 12 hours, Then a seedbed has to be made. For this, make a seedbed by mixing 80 percent loamy soil, 40 percent dry dung and a small amount of ash.

Now place the soaked seeds on the newly made beech floor and cover with a jute sack or cotton cloth, Then for a while go with the water on the cloth or skin.

The seeds will germinate in three to four days. Now pick up the newly sprouted seeds and transfer them to the poly bags you have made. The soil in the polybag should be made with a mixture of ‘loam soil and dung’. Small seedlings will be suitable for planting in 10 to 15 days while in polybag.

Tub size

The bigger the tub, the better the tree. You can cultivate 10 “tubs and also put them in big drums. Irrigation of water is very important for cultivation of cucumber in tub. Cucumber plant needs a lot of water. Or give the fish washing water directly to the tree. It has many benefits for the plant.

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