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Detailed information about Google Play Store app using Android phone Jenin - nbcbangla We downlo
October 25, 2021, 4:49 pm

Detailed information about Google Play Store app using Android phone Jenin – nbcbangla We downlo

  • Update Time : Monday, August 17, 2020

Many apps on our Android mobile. And, for this you have to use Play Store.

I’m not saying that you can just download the app to your Android mobile from the Play Store. You can download the app from many other websites that are not in the Play Store. However, the security that the Play Store will give you, you will not get that security by downloading the app from those websites. Rather, most of the time you have to admit hacking when you download the app from anywhere other than the Play Store.

Play Store automatically writes Editor’s Choice about some of the Play Store apps. For example, if you want to download apps like Facebook, Messenger, etc., you will see – Editor’s Choice is written on the Install button. The Play Store automatically checks out their apps and places them in the Editor’s Choice collection, which they think are the best. So, the apps that appear when downloading ‘Editor’s Choice’ are the best quality apps in the Play Store.

Again, the text comes when installing different apps-

In-app purchases

This means that even if you can download that app for free, there are some features in that app that you have to pay dollars to use.

Again, when installing some apps comes text-

Verified by Play Protect

Play Protect basically scans. When you download an app, Play Protect does a scan before it is downloaded to your mobile phone to see if there are any harmful programs in that app. If not, then the app is downloaded to your mobile.

And, if you see the text ‘Contains ads’ when installing an app, you will understand that you will be shown different ads while using this app.

However, if you use an iPhone, you will need to download the app from the App Store instead of the Play Store. Because, the operating system of Android mobile is android (linux based) and the operating system of iphone is iOS. Since, some apps can only run on android operating system and some apps can only run on iOS, so this is a different platform.

Just download the app from Play Store on your mobile. Don’t accept hacking while downloading flashy app from any other insecure website.

I am ending my writing here wishing everyone safety.

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