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DubaiTerrible explosion in Dubai port, the city shook
October 20, 2021, 3:25 am

DubaiTerrible explosion in Dubai port, the city shook

  • Update Time : Friday, July 9, 2021

Dubai a commercial city United Arab Emirates, rocked a sudden explosion late Wednesday night local time. The video incident went viral on social media within moments.

It later learned the fire caused by a fire on a cargo ship anchored at the important Jebel Ali port in Dubai.

Al Jazeera reported the news.

According to media reports, the impact of the blast so intense that it felt about 15 kilometers away.

Fire erupted across the night sky in Dubai. The eruption even seen from space, the news agency AP reported. However, no casualties reported accident.

The fire brought under control about two half hours after the blast fire, according to staff at Dubai’s Civil Defense Department. Workers risked their lives to contain the flames.

Extent damage not yet determined.

Dubai authorities said those aboard the ship had already left.

Authorities said the explosion was caused by a combustible object.

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However, the authorities are trying to alleviate the situation.

Say incident investigated

but such accident could happen anywhere world.

The port of Jebel Ali in Dubai is the largest man-made deep seaport in the world. The port is virtually the lifeblood of Dubai. The ship that caught fire was small, administration sources said.

The Ocean Trader has been on the here coast since April.

Authorities said all measures are being taken to ensure that normal activities at the port are not disrupted.

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