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Follow these special precautions when walking on the road - NBC
October 20, 2021, 3:32 am

Follow these special precautions when walking on the road – NBC

  • Update Time : Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Awareness Follow these special precautions when walking on the road – nbcbangla.com

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1. ne’er sit back the window on the bus and press the mobile. after you take it, you may not grasp.

2. don’t carry a bag on your lap whereas sitting on a cart. Hatchka can pull from the facet by bike or automotive.
3. do not eat something on the road, nothing. If you travel long distances, bring food from home or eat one thing prepacked. If the rider next to you doesn’t eat something, what’s in it?
4. don’t stand next to the door, next to the 2 bogies within the train journey. Or do not smoke cigarettes at the door in spite of however sensible it’s. in spite of however romantic the movement on the roof of the train, the gangs that snatch it ar terribly remorseless and reckless. The bodies of the many passengers were found within the section of train lines across the country. Most ar buried as barren.
5. If you’re unlucky, you may be robbed. Let’s get caught. What to do? many of the snatchers. you’re alone, there’s nobody around. Surrounds you dear phone in your pocket. during this case, it’s higher to depart the illusion of the phone. as a result of most of the hijackers ar intoxicated. Your life prices quite any dear phone within the world.
getting to a eating house or park with a girlfriend or girlfriend. Suddenly you see a gaggle of boys around you. however they’re a gang. you may see that they’re talking nonsense concerning you these days, giving unhealthy hints. In fact, they require to electrify you into a haul. what’s the profit to them?
Suppose you get in hassle by warming your head. You aforesaid or did one thing harmful as a result of they affronted you. this can be a chance. they’re going to then catch somebody from outside the leader cluster. World Health Organization can interrogate you before of your girlfriend in numerous ways in which. Then he can cause you to guilty within the trial. Then within the name of compromise he can keep the money or the dear watch, phone or laptop computer from you for the fine. therefore talking in these places suggests that inflicting hassle. And if you’re in a very secluded place, move away as presently as you see them.
He reached Dacca at dawn. don’t go down the road with bravery. Wait at the stop or railroad terminal. Get call at the morning once there ar enough individuals on the road.
He came to the railroad terminal or Sadarghat with the burden of not having the ability to hold it by himself and died. The coolies can drop 400-500 rupees from you prefer a chuddar within the name of obtaining it to your head. therefore take care, discount then fix the Asiatic.
9. Be terribly careful once shopping for and cutting in places like New Market or Nilkhet. If you fire the worth of one thing out of curiosity, it’ll force you to mention the counter worth here. bear in mind there’s no profit in showing the mood here, the shopkeepers here add unison.
10. after you get on the bus, it’s not safe to stay your itinerant and billfold within the back pocket of your pants. therefore keep this stuff within the front pocket.
11. do not head to trade fairs, zoos, moon parks or children’s parks and eat something while not knowing the worth is incredibly sensible. {it can|it’ll} be seen that ingestion a Singara or 0.5 a plate of biryani will provide you with a bill of 400-500 rupees.
12. it’s higher to not quit at midnight. there’s no purpose in catching the snatcher. Even those (some endangered) policemen (not all of them) ar at risk. in spite of however innocent you’re, if the police don’t desire to grasp and if they shall detain you, you have got nothing to try and do.
13. Standing at the bus stand, suddenly a microbus came and stopped before of you. It also can be a personal automotive. the driving force can tell you that he’s taking some additional ‘trips’ on the means back to the garage. refer rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! you will not rise. If it absolutely was a woman, not earlier.
14. Standing on the road. Suddenly a gentleman came, he may well be a boy or a woman or associate degree previous man or a lady, he needed your phone. You gave the phone basic cognitive process, you may see the bike in a very hurry.
15. continually keep a photocopy of your ID card with you. it’s terribly helpful once at risk. perhaps there’s associate degree accident, you’re unconscious, then those that can come back to the rescue are going to be able to inform your family.
16. after you ar fresh married and after you come back to go to along with your married person, keep the image of the cupboard letter on your mobile. you cannot even perceive once it’ll work.
The biggest factor, continually take care, keep your eyes and ears open. bear in mind that your safety is in your hands. you may take care concerning this. take care and alert to yourself. And create others aware and aware moreover

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