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Free dating app Talk on , the consequences of the first meeting rape!
October 28, 2021, 8:43 am

Free dating app Talk on , the consequences of the first meeting rape!

  • Update Time : Thursday, July 15, 2021
Free dating app

Free dating app news This shocking incident happened in the chest of Khas Tilottama!Kolkata witnessed the shocking incident

Own report: Khas Kolkata has witnessed just how scary dating apps can be. In a very popular dating app, a young engineer had a conversation with a young woman in the management profession. Then they met for the first time on Camac Street. And the result of the first meeting is rape! This frightening incident took place on July 4 in the heart of the city.

The young man mixed drugs in the young woman’s drink while meeting her. Then the young man left the pub and left the girl’s house. Even after saying no to the young woman, the young man climbed into the elevator with her with a kind of force. There is a quarrel between the two in the elevator. It is known that the young man entered his flat despite the ban of the young woman! It is alleged that the young man raped the girl inside the flat.

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CCTV footage showed the young man staying at the young woman’s house for 42 minutes. The girl’s family and Kasba police came and rescued the girl naked and unconscious in her flat. This news came to the fore on Wednesday. Police have arrested the accused youth. The victim reported seeing how terrifying the experience of meeting a stranger on such a dating app can be.

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