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Here are some easy ways to keep your laptop good - nbcbangla
October 25, 2021, 4:36 pm

Here are some easy ways to keep your laptop good – nbcbangla

  • Update Time : Thursday, August 6, 2020

Here are some easy ways to keep your laptop good.

Nowadays more or less everyone we use laptops. But everyone has the same problem which is that laptops break down very fast and we blame the brand of laptops for that. Many times I do not stop blaming my own destiny. But neither the brand nor the fate is responsible for the loss of your laptop but you are responsible for it, your negligence is responsible. So will you blame yourself this time? No. Below are some tips to take care of your laptop so that you don’t have to blame yourself anymore:
01. Never place anything liquid near the edge of the laptop. Such as tea, coffee, milk, sherbet, salt water etc. Keep hot tea and coffee away from the laptop no matter what you eat and if necessary, cover it so that the hot steam does not reach the laptop.
02. Always keep antivirus on the laptop. Remember, your laptop is never safe from viruses and so install any good quality antivirus such as Kaspersky, Norton, Avira etc. on your laptop.
03. Never leave food on a laptop. This can cause small grains of food to get into your keyboard for a long time and slowly ruin the keyboard buttons.
04. Make sure your hands are clean when using a laptop.
05. When you turn off the laptop, make sure that no small things are on the laptop. Such as pens, pencils etc. Hold with both hands and cover with a lid. Holding it with one hand puts pressure on the laptop.
07. If you ever need to remove a laptop, never pick it up by holding the laptop monitor. This can damage the monitor display.
07. Never try to open or plug the cord from the power socket. This has the potential to break the socket.
07. If you can, hold the cord with a tap or use a cord that can be easily opened when the laptop is done. Always keep the cord a little away from the chair so that even if you move the chair, your legs or chair will not get on the cord.
09. If you want to insert any device like modem, pen drive, insert it in its suitable port. For that, match the port symbol and the device symbol and then insert. Each laptop has a different port with a different symbol.
10. Be sure to keep the CDs you use on your laptop in a separate bag and take them out with extreme care. Many times the laptop can be damaged from the CD. When using a CD, check the level of the CD.
11. Do not place the laptop in a place where the temperature rises and falls. Do not turn on the laptop immediately if you take it from one room to another in winter. First give the laptop time to adjust to room temperature. Then turn it on after a while. Do not turn on the laptop in sunlight.
12. Many leave laptops in the car. Never do this. Laptops do not match the temperature of the car. If the car is in the sun, it gets very hot.
13. Clean the laptop once a year. It is better if you can do it yourself, but if you can’t, get it done by a professional. Because the parts are damaged due to dirt, the laptop does not work anymore.
14. Never place heavy items on the laptop. Don’t even keep heavy books.
15. Always keep the laptop in the laptop bag. Many people nowadays carry laptops in small bags. There is a risk that the bag will be torn and the laptop will fall.
16. Always keep the laptop in a parallel and clean place.
16. Occasionally clean the keyboard and other parts with an old toothbrush.
If a laptop bought with hard money gets damaged very quickly, then there is a lot of trouble. But if you follow the above rules, you can keep the laptop well for a long time.

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