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Here we talk about the top six cooking apps that you can download to your phone.-nbcbangla
October 25, 2021, 3:55 pm

Here we talk about the top six cooking apps that you can download to your phone.-nbcbangla

  • Update Time : Friday, July 3, 2020

Here we talk about the top six cooking apps that you can download to your phone.-nbcbangla

Are you embarrassed to ask your mom or grandma about the ingredients in the cooker and how to prepare it every time you cook? Did your friends tell you about an app on your smartphone to help you prepare meals by dreaming of your own food?

Here we talk about the top six apps that you can download to your phone, after which you will not need to read cookbooks or follow its TV programs.

What to cook? This is the most surprising question for female neighbors, but not after you know these apps:

1- Six room kitchen
Seth El Byte Kitchen is the official application of the satellite channel “Seth El Byte”, it displays Arabic and Western cooking recipes in a way that simplifies the search and browsing process and you can also request a recipe directly from the people who work on the app.

The difference between this application is that it does not require any internet connection and as soon as it is connected it updates its data and automatically downloads new recipes.

You can visit the channel’s website here to browse the recipes and follow their specialized TV programs
2- The easiest cooking recipe
The app has a large collection of Arab and Western kitchen cooking recipes with the ability to easily search for any recipe, the recipes differ from the original food and fast food in drinks and cocktail recipes vary

3- Arab cooking
For lovers of Arabic cooking, this great app has a variety of recipes ranging from hot and cold meals to breakfast and appetizers, as well as recipes for making Arabic sweets.

The app contains text explanations of each recipe, as well as illustrated illustrations to help you prepare the dish properly and appropriately.

4- Food network
This app is one of the most important cooking apps for phones and it is very popular all over the world.

With it you will be able to get thousands of recipes from world famous chefs.

The application is distinguished by different recipes for local food from different cultures and regular so-called seasonal food recipes.

The app also has the features of formatting, easy access, sorting and storing recipes in the wish list, and a shopping list feature that lets you know exactly what you need when you go shopping.

The app has recently started adding a few tutorial videos and is expected to become more dependent on this content due to the ease of learning from it than the written text.

5 – Cookpad
Like all previous apps, the Cookpad app has a variety of food recipes, as well as some educational materials for videos, images and even audio recordings, but the difference between this app is that you can share your own cooked food and the privacy of their cooking. Others may ask.

6- Paprika Recipe Manager
This is an application to organize your favorite recipes in a simple and fun way, help you prepare your shopping list and plan the food you prepare, there is a possibility to increase or decrease the ingredients depending on the number of people who will take the food.

This application is characterized by a powerful search engine through which you can easily find all the recipes you want.

And if you care about their health and fitness, the app will also be your companion, because it takes care of the diet and delicious foods that do not harm your diet.

This app is considered to be one of the best specialized applications in cooking, although it does not have many benefits like other applications, but it covers the basics of cooking and in a fun way showcases the valuable ingredients that it provides. Privacy may be.

Give these apps a chance and give them a try, if you find it difficult to find the right recipes on the internet, or don’t forget to give your mom and grandma a chance to taste your delicious food by choosing lunch.

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