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How to find peace of mind? - nbcbangla
October 28, 2021, 4:49 pm

How to find peace of mind? – nbcbangla

  • Update Time : Thursday, October 29, 2020

 How to find peace of mind? – nbcbangla

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We all want to live in peace. Our mind is a symbol of peace. No mind likes unrest, sorrow, anger, chaos.

But if you want to bring peace in your mind, you must first understand what peace is. This whole tie depends on you to be good, to have a good mind, to live in peace.

We seek refuge in outsiders to bring peace of mind, we think I can be good if I can keep family, friends, relatives, relatives all well or happy. That’s how we try our best to keep everyone’s mind, to keep everyone well. For this we give up many things from life.

But to be honest, it can never be good or peace of mind. Because you mean in the hope of getting something, whether it is peace of mind or Namayas, you are doing so much to get it, even depriving yourself of many things, by doing so our expectation from everyone then increases a lot.

It can be said with a guarantee that neither you nor we will meet that expectation. This is the time when our peace of mind disappears, because not everyone is praising you as you need.

Does this mean that I will not do anything for anyone, I will not love anyone !!!

No, that can never happen. Because if everyone in the family is not good, you can’t be good yourself.

Now you are in a dilemma as to what I really mean.

I want to say that love, respect, cherish others, stand by everyone according to your ability but nothing can be expected from anyone in return for all this.

My own responsibility to keep my own good. No one else is responsible for bringing peace to my mind. Here I will not give anyone such freedom that he will laugh at me whenever he wants as he wishes and again he will make me cry if he does not wish or if his mind is not good.

Whether I laugh or cry is completely my freedom.

Now the question is how to keep your mind in peace at all times?

1. Love:

Love yourself very much, believe in yourself. Wake up in the morning and put your hands on your face, caress your nose, eyes, face everything.

Think of yourself as the best beautiful in this world. Value yourself, it will increase your confidence.

With everyone in the family loving from the heart, it cannot be expected that I love everyone so everyone will love me in the same way.

I just remember, I love everyone because it keeps my mind at peace. I love everyone who needs me.

2. Reduce demand:

We do less work, we have more demands on ourselves or others.

Our demand is increasing day by day, but the demand will decrease when you give more importance to work.

Demand without restraint destroys peace of mind. Our needs increase when we compare ourselves with others.

I have to buy such an expensive bike, I have bought such an expensive house, why couldn’t I.

If we keep thinking like that, we will never be able to move forward, but we will fall further behind. Because if you do that, there is no peace in your mind. So it has to stop.

3. Keep the mind pure at all times:

We only know ourselves, I am good or bad. Do not lie to yourself. There are many who do not show what they are in front of everyone. It’s a very scary thing. If you continue to do this day after day, the mind will inadvertently enter the mind. Then peace of mind will never be found.

No one can be criticized, no one can be jealous, no one can be arrogant. All these take away the peace of mind.

If we wish, we can always smile, be happy and live in peace. And we all know that if I follow these rules properly, I can be good. But all we know is not money.

4. Read knowledge books:

Save knowledge every day. One day, if we do not eat food, our body becomes weak.

In the same way, if knowledge is not stored, beautiful thoughts will not enter the mind and the mind will not be pure.

If you want peace of mind, give yourself time, improve yourself, get yourself out of outside noise. Read lots of books.

All in all, keep the church in your mind, just like you give on your mobile every morning.

5. Smile with an open mind:

Enjoy this world by removing all the inertia of the mind, not even an inch of land can be left here, I will be fine, I am fine, send this message to yourself.

And watch comedy movies in between work and laugh ha ha. I do that.

I am happy to get small, and love to smile.

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