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How to get Southeast Bank's Cash Express Remit Card information - nbcbangla
October 20, 2021, 4:27 am

How to get Southeast Bank’s Cash Express Remit Card information – nbcbangla

  • Update Time : Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Southeast Bank’s Cash Express Remit Card

How to get Southeast Bank's Cash Express Remit Card information - nbcbangla

This card is available free of charge subject to availability at any Southeast Bank branch.

The card and card PIN can be taken instantly by visiting any branch of Southeast Bank and submitting a photocopy of National ID card and 2 copies of color photo and filling up the form to get the card.

Card activation:
The card is activated as soon as the PIN is changed from Southeast Bank’s own ATM booth, the card is not activated until the PIN is changed.

This card has no one-time charge, annual renewal / renewal charge, annual account maintenance charge, message alert notification charge, or any other charge.
(According to the current information provided by the bank, however, any rules may change from time to time)

The card has no expiry date, so this remittance card is valid for life.

This card receives a message alert notification on the phone when remittance from abroad is deposited and there is no annual charge for this message alert notification.

A maximum of Tk 50,000 remittance can be withdrawn daily from Southeast Bank’s private booth and ATM booth of any bank under NPSB (National Payment Switch Bangladesh).

By inserting this card in the native POS machine, by entering the PIN number, the payment can be completed and the purchase can be made.

The money in this card can be instantly transferred to someone else’s Southeast Bank account through Southeast Bank’s own ATM booth.

Moreover, if the card is not with you for any reason, the remittance received from the cash counter can be withdrawn immediately by providing the card information at any branch of the nearest Southeast Bank.

If this card or the PIN number of this card is lost, the card can be canceled immediately and another new card can be taken from the branch and the money balance of the previous lost card can be attached to this new remit card issued.

It’s not a Visa or MasterCard gateway card, it’s Southeast Bank’s own brand card.

Money cannot be deposited in this card at Southeast Bank branch as it is a remittance card.

No money or dollars can be deposited in this card by EFTN through app / internet banking of other banks from Bangladesh.

I did EFTN experimentally, but 1 day later the money was automatically refunded to Sender Bank.

However, instant money can be deposited in this card using NPSB, an automated instant fund transfer system of other banks.

I have successfully deposited Rs.

No e-commerce transaction payments can be made or purchased from any domestic or foreign online site using this card information, as the card has no expiry date.
However, there is a 3 digit CVV / CVC number on the back of the card.
I know why it was given !!!

Anyone residing abroad has to provide all the information of the card to send remittance to this card from abroad

Card username,
Account number: 16 digit number on the card,
Southeast Bank Ltd.,
Card division,
Head Office,

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