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How to work in electricity device electric tester do you know it for engineers
October 28, 2021, 8:55 am

How to work in electricity device electric tester do you know it for engineers

  • Update Time : Wednesday, October 6, 2021
How to work electric tester diagram
how to use electric tester pen

What are some things electrical engineers know that others don’t How to work it?

Hello , What I am writing here is a really small thing but very interesting!

Every layman (who uses electricity) knows what a tester is and how to use it.

But most people don’t know how exactly it works?

Yes, this is what I am talking about, Tester!

Tester is used in an electrical circuit to check whether the supply is actually coming to that circuit/outlet or not.

When we put the tester inside the socket (touching the other end of the tester with one of the fingers of our hands) and turn on the supply and if the supply is actually coming then the bulb inside the tester lights up .

am i right How to work ?

But do you know that when you do this, an electric current flows through your body. Thus the circuit is completed and the bulb starts burning.

So the electrons complete the circuit like this

Socket>Tester>Finger>Our body>Land…!

Such electric currents that do no harm to our body are called ‘let go current’ (for women it is usually 5 to 7 milliamps and for men it is 7 to 9 milliamps). Varies accordingly.)

Try this:

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stand on a wooden or plastic chair
Insert the tester into the socket, holding it with one of the fingers of your hand
turn on supply

If you follow the above steps, you will find that the light inside the tester is still on but its intensity is very less. The reason for this is that now the extra resistance is added to the circuit due to the chair.

that it!

I am adding some pictures to clarify the above mentioned points.

This picture when I am standing barefoot.

And this picture when I’m standing on the chair. You can see the difference.
Thank you.

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