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Important Nachihat, I hope it will be useful if you comply - nbcbangla
October 25, 2021, 5:01 pm

Important Nachihat, I hope it will be useful if you comply – nbcbangla

  • Update Time : Friday, July 31, 2020

Important Nachihat, I hope it will be useful if you comply

1. If you are walk alone at night, you can understand
There’s someone behind you, so don’t just turn your head.
Look around the whole body. There is a possibility of turning the neck.
But is better not to look at it remember.

2. If you see a snake in a house, in a mosque or on a bed, don’t kill it.
Tell him to leave first. Because the gene takes the form of a snake, there is a risk of harm to you if you kill it. And if it doesn’t go away, understandIt’s actually a snake, then kill or drive away Give.

3. If you see that any branch or bamboo of the tree at night
Leaning, but do not go up or down.
Read Ayatollah Kursi will , if there is any fear of loss, move away
OK, and then go.

4. Just in the middle of night if anyone out
Do not respond to calls by your name. 3
Respond after calling the bar and come out with caution.

5. If you see something sitting on the tree on night
Don’t look at him. Silent soil
Look away.

If you come to your room at night alone
You are sitting in the room. I mean myself
Do not be afraid to see. That
The gene you have with you. (Karin Jean). Just
He will read Ayatollah Kursi with his eyes closed
Then open your eyes.

Never sleep at night. And if
He dreamed of fear, then he got up and left his chest
Gently spit 3 times on the side. –

If you can understand if you bathe in the pond
Pulling your legs, but first
Shout. And with that Doa Yunus
Start reading. Because gin in a pond or river

9. If you can see alone at night
Dogs are coming to attack you anymore
If the dog seems unusual, then so be it
Draw a boundary on the ground and its respectively Ayatollah Kursi stood inside Read.

10. If you see that you have lost your way again and again at night
Forgetting, going back again and again in the same way
Even after coming or going a long way to the destination
Can’t reach, don’t lose courage, stand up and call for prayers.
Then everything will be fine. A gene called Goyran
Turning you around.

11. If you can understand in your sleep at night There is someone in the chest. But do not shout. There is no point in shouting, because
Your screams will not come out of your mouth. Yours
Jana will recite any surah or verse.

12. If you see the soul of a dead person
Then do not be afraid. That is not the soul. Gene
He took the form of a dead man. Just salute
Go through.

13. Walking down the street alone at night
If time sees a black dog or black cat
To cross you from your left
Trying but let cross. No
No problem. It is the superstition of the society. However
Don’t kill him.

14. Many say the cemetery is a sanctuary
Place. That’s right, but the graveyard is called Ghul
There are genes. So be careful even if it is a holy place
Keep up the good content.

15. Genes can enter the mirror.
So it is better not to look in the mirror at night. And
Always put a screen in the mirror. In the bathroom
It is better not to keep the mirror because Khannas is in the bathroom
Has a gene called, although the weaker gene. And
Go in front of the mirror fast and recite this prayer
“Allahumma anta hasanta khalki fahassin

Open “

16. Angel  lives on the roof of the house, so

Don’t go to the roof alone in the middle of the night. If you can

Take someone with you

16. If you are alone no sweets or cakes

The nation also ate something and saw that no

The cat is disturbing you but him too

Let me eat. Never drive or

Don’t hit. Because at some point the gene also shapes

Comes to grips, and the sweet race thing too

Their favorite food.

16. Don’t get too angry. Between us

The anger grows so much that the mouth speaks

Stuck stuck. Gene because of this anger

Can enter your body. So if you are angry, sit down, or stay standing

Go. And perform ablution.

19. Maghrib time, exactly noon, 12 o’clock at night

Genes are more influential during the new moon.

So be careful this time. Little kids

Keep it safe, especially during Maghrib, close the door of the house saying Bismillah.

May Allah protect us all from all kinds of calamities and calamities.


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