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Instant Chicken Curry Recipe-nbcbangla.com
October 25, 2021, 5:41 pm

Instant Chicken Curry Recipe-nbcbangla.com

  • Update Time : Friday, September 25, 2020

Learn Quick Recipes for Cooking Chicken,Chicken Curry Quickly – nbcbangla

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Chicken meat is the favorite food of everyone from young to old. It is cooked to the liking of people from all over the world. Some people fry, some people make kebabs, some people like broth, some people like sourdough. I have come up with a simple and fun recipe for cooking chicken, read this fun recipe at home with your mind. Let’s get started then.

Peeled meat is like one kg or quantity
Dried chilli powder,
White bell peppers,
Black pepper,
Half a cup of onion paste,
One cup of chopped onion,
One teaspoon of ginger paste,
2 tablespoons garlic paste,
One tablespoon of hot spices,
One teaspoon of nutmeg and jaggery bata together,
Two hundred grams of sour yogurt,
Half a cup of mustard paste,
One cup of coconut paste,
One cup of oil.
One tablespoon of ghee.
One tablespoon of pesto almond paste,
Tej leaves at 2 o’clock.

First, cut the chicken into equal sizes and pitch.
Now wash the cut meat well.
Drain the washed meat well.
Add salt, turmeric, salted chilli powder, white chilli powder and cover for 30 minutes.

Read for thirty minutes, open the lid and see that a lot of water has accumulated. Now take the meat peach from the water to another container.

Now heat the oil in a pan or fry pan, and put a little ghee in it. When the oil is hot, reduce the heat of the oven and fry the meat peaches in it until light brown. Remove the fried meat and heat it with the remaining oil and ghee. Brown the onion pieces in oil and ghee and fry.

Now add all the other spices except nutmeg and jaggery paste in the rest of the oil. Now when it is heated with some water, cover the pieces of fried meat with it. Add a little ache to the curd and cook for two minutes. Pour into a pot and serve hot. Serve hot. Fun chicken curry.

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