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Joint pain: How to removed Joint pain Germany joint pain is considered
January 22, 2022, 6:54 am

Joint pain: How to removed Joint pain Germany joint pain is considered

  • Update Time : Thursday, December 2, 2021
How to removed Joint pain
How to removed join pain

Joint pain is still treated with old and ineffective drugs that require lifelong use, while in Germany joint pain is considered a common cold. “- Dr. Thomas Snyder

Thomas Snyder came to Bangladesh last year to learn from his peers. What he has seen here, he says is incredible. According to Thomas, rheumatology in our country is stuck in the middle of the last century. After a high-level speech in Germany, Dr. Thomas Snyder agreed to interview a Bangladeshi newspaper. What did the famous doctor dislike about Bangladeshi medicine? And why does he argue that the citizens of Bangladesh who suffer from joint pain can never recover?

Conversation with a German journalist – You said that what you saw in Bangladesh shocked you. Can you comment on this?

What are the main causes of joint damage?

I just want to say that I have a good attitude towards Bangladesh, Bangladeshi culture and citizens. But the condition of your medicine really shocked the German doctors.

Your medication is at least 20 years behind and probably 30 years behind. However, when it comes to the treatment of joint diseases and musculoskeletal system, we can say that there is no science like rheumatology in Bangladesh.

See what doctors recommend on joints in Bangladesh: Viprosal, Dolgit, Voltaren / Fastam Gel, Diclofenac, Teraflex, Neurofen and other similar drugs.

However, these drugs do not treat joints or cartridges, they only relieve the symptoms of the disease – pain, inflammation, swelling. Now imagine what is happening on the lower layer of the patient’s skin.

When a person takes a pill, applies an anesthetic gel, or takes an injection, the pain goes away. But as soon as the remedy stops working, the pain returns immediately.

famous doctor dislike about medicine?

থাPain is an important signal. This indicates that a pathological process is underway in the joint. If you simply numb the pain, the affected joints face even more destructive effects.

In this way the process of destruction goes out 3-5 times and in the end leads to irreversible change, stability and disability.

This method of treating joint pain has not been used Germany for more than 20 years.

Pain remedies are used only in emergencies, and very accurately.

In Germany, these are sold only by receipt / prescription and under strict control.

The so-called “chondroprotectors” are completely banned as deceptive and useless drugs.

Your doctors and pharmacists are just confusing people! It is clear that constantly selling remedies to alleviate symptoms at a high price is much more profitable than curing a disease for once, recovering a broken joint, but it is also impossible!

What is the treatment of joint pain in Germany?

From professor-rheumatologists to general therapists and paramedics,

all German doctors have long understood that the causes, not the consequences, of the disease need to be addressed.

This is the key to a complete, fast and safe cure. What are the main causes of joint damage? This is due to the blood circulation and synovial fluid circulation of the ortho-salt.

Uretas is the true uric acid salt, the cause of gout.

Osteophytes, calcified salts, the remaining 96% cause joint and spinal disease. All types of arthritis and osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, bursitis and even hygroma have a cause – osteophyte coagulation.

The salt that accumulates on the surface of the joint, like sandpaper, sharpens the surrounding tissues – bones and cartilage. As they grow, ortho-salt crystals begin to hit muscle tissue, tendons, blood vessels, and capillaries. It causes inflammation, infection, swelling and severe pain.

In the advanced case, the accumulation of large amounts of ortho-salts can easily break some parts of the bone through sharp movements, resulting in complete disability and permanent stabilization of the joint.

It is a very dangerous misconception that calcium is good for joints.

Yes, calcium is good, but it is only good for healthy joints.

When the joints are already injured or crunched, it means a layer of osteophyte has already formed between them and calcium, strengthening the bone tissue as well as the osteophyte salt, accelerates their growth.

Therefore, German rheumatologists first restore blood circulation to diseased joint so that the ortho-salts that have accumulated year after year are removed from .

This, in turn, restores normal synovial fluid circulation and initiates the process of joint tissue repair.

In fact, human joints are very regenerative, they are able to recover from themselves like a lizard’s tail. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The process will run by itself.

In the 90s of the last century, Swiss scientists were able to acquire a special form of semi-vitamin B, the so-called alpha-arthroferol.

It obtained through the synthesis of natural ingredients: Maral ladder, snake venom, shark fat and a set of more than 50 different extracts. Maral antler extract is an ingredient that ensures active growth of animal horns. That is, its main function is to create new bone tissue. You

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