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NASA Said: There will be terrible floods for the moon in a decade
October 25, 2021, 5:35 pm

NASA Said: There will be terrible floods for the moon in a decade

  • Update Time : Tuesday, July 13, 2021

It will last for a few months, Own correspondent
The moon is going to be the cause of terrible danger in another decade. For its ‘tottering foot’ in orbit while orbiting the earth said nasa.

That whimsy of the moon is going to bring a terrible flood in the third decade of this century. And in 10 years. Extreme levels flood danger were announced in sea oceans. Which will be very frequent. Many cities and rural areas along the coast, including the United States, will be submerged for months.

NASA has given this alarming news. The study was published in the international scientific journal Nature Climate Change.

According to the study, the moon orbits the earth with a slight tilt in its orbit, and at certain intervals, the moon is said to be ‘swaying on its hind legs’. The moon has a cycle of 16 and a half years on its way to orbit the earth. For half of this 18-and-a-half-year period, the amount and intensity of tides in all the oceans and oceans of the earth is greater than the ebb tide. The other half of the cycle is reversed. In all the seas of the world, the amount and intensity of the tide is more than the tide.

At the present stage of the moon’s orbit, all the oceans of the earth, the amount of tides in the oceans and the intensity is a little more than the tide. But that will change soon after the third decade of this century.

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