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New Movies Review 83: Ranveer Singh has emerged as the real star
January 22, 2022, 9:55 am

New Movies Review 83: Ranveer Singh has emerged as the real star

  • Update Time : Friday, December 24, 2021
New Movies Review
दिसंबर की सर्दी में अगर आप 1983 के जून की गर्मी महसूस करना चाहते हैं तो यह फिल्म देखें

New Movies 83 Review: The charisma of Kapil Dev’s team is here, Ranveer Singh has emerged as the real star

83 Review: If you want to feel the heat of June 1983 in the winter of December, then watch this movie. India’s great victory and Kapil Dev’s charisma has been beautifully portrayed by Kabir Khan.

83 Review: Some moments freeze in the river while passing moment by moment. There is something special in those moments, which never fades in spite of the passage of time. Those moments become immortal in human memories, in the history of society and country. India’s victory in the 1983 World Cup cricket, 38 years ago, is such a golden moment. Cricket in that era was not as fast as it is today. Then there was neither glamor nor a lot of money in it. There was no cricket career then, the player’s life was at risk. But India’s title win changed everything.

Kapil Dev’s charisma has been beautifully portrayed by Kabir Khan

Cricket has become a religion and a successful cricketer is God. In 1983, India was nowhere in the contenders for the World Cup. No one even dreamed that this team would create history. The media of the country and the world used to make fun of even the imagination of India’s victory.

Director Kabir Khan’s film has brought the same June days of 1983 on the screen. Young captain Kapil Dev did not know how to motivate the team to win as the entire team had left India with return tickets only after the end of the group match.

Some members of the team wanted to go shopping in America and before going to America, their intention was to play selected matches in this tournament to be held in England.

Everyone knew that the World Cup was a formality for them. Two-time champions West Indies and a strong team of Australia were in their group.

New Movies Review

So they were sure to be out before the semi-finals. On the other hand, host England’s tough claim was also on the cup.

But how the wheel of time turned and how Kapil Dev’s team became the champion, this dramatic event in 83 is shown with ups and downs of emotions.

83 is in a way an emotional-cinematic documentation of India’s victory in that tournament. In which colors have been filled with the personal things of the players and the dressing room. Like the engagement of fast bowler Balwinder Singh Sandhu broke in the middle of the tournament because the girl’s people felt that this player playing for India did not have enough money to keep his wife properly. When the team reached the semi-finals, when the BCCI said that it would give 25-25 thousand rupees to every player, no one could believe it because then no one had seen so much money at once.

Movies Review 83

Similar to. This story is adorned with the stories of Shrikant, Yashpal Sharma, Mohinder Amarnath and manager PR Mansingh (Pankaj Tripathi). But the film does justice to every player, it cannot be said because what was the stature of Sunil Gavaskar in that era, you cannot understand from this film. Dilip Vengsarkar, Syed Kirmani, Roger Binny, Ravi Shastri and Kirti Azad are almost lost in this.

The real whole focus of 83 is on Kapil Dev. Surely this is not Kapil’s biography but here everything revolves around him. The difficulties with which he was managing things as a captain, it is visible here. His historic innings of 175 not out against Zimbabwe is beautifully composed in the film. There is no video record of the innings being on top of world cricket’s greatest innings as BBC cameras were covering the supposedly important Australia-West Indies match that day.

New Movies Review Kapil Dev’s team 83

Kabir Khan kept the tone of the film light and described the atmosphere of the team as very friendly. After Kapil, his second focus here is the matches of the World Cup, in which India upset or won big. But Kabir’s fascination with non-essential things did not leave here. He also put India-Pakistan enmity and Hindu-Muslim riots in this story of cricket.

Why Imran Khan was shown in a scene, he does not understand. There are some things that stand out in this show-reel of India’s victory. The hard work that went into portraying Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev was not done on the other victorious heroes Madan Lal, Yashpal Sharma and Mohinder Amarnath.

The actors who were selected as the players of the team are worthy of praise as almost all of them copied the body language and bat style of the original players almost successfully. Ranveer is the life of the film and he sweated a lot to become Kapil Dev. 83 is gorgeously filmed and meticulously edited. It has been successful in bringing India’s memorable win in 83 to the big screen. Since you know the history and you know all the ups and downs, so there is no tension when wickets fall or defeat is visible. While watching the film, it is felt that you have come for a walk in a pleasant fair. If you are a fan of cricket and Kapil Dev, don’t miss this movie if you want to relive the moments of that great victory of 83.

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