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Recipe Five mixed of cooking in 17 minutes
October 25, 2021, 5:15 pm

Recipe Five mixed of cooking in 17 minutes

  • Update Time : Monday, June 21, 2021

 Recipes have been given the process of making Panchmic Khichuri in the microwave.

We can cook very easily in microave. If you cook the oven, it takes longer. So those who have microwavens, they make a quick recipe. Today we will tell, how to cook five months old khichuri in the microwave.

Come, we know that the way to make five months of microwvis in the microard. Let’s see what materials do you need?



1. One cup of poloRecipe  Five minutes

2. Hundreds of cup Panchmal pulses

3. Two tablespoons oil

4. One teaspoon salt

5. Half teaspoon ginger bowta

6. Four shares of tea spoon garlic bowl

7. Half teaspoon pepper powder

8. Four percent of teaspoon powders

9. Two temporal

10 Three cups of water

11. Four raw-treats

12. Two teaspoons onion bowl

13. Onion Berast

14 Boiled eggs


Ready system

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First mixed with five-month pulses with Paula rice in the container, set it together with the pillar, ginger, pepper powder, yellow powder, baypata, onion, and covered it with 12 minutes to get high.

After 12 minutes, set up the power level by reducing the power level and set it in 5 minutes and set it in Oven. Get down 5 minutes. Finally, synthetize the onion with the eggs and eggs, fifty-five khichuri. Click on the video video to make fifth microwland easily to make five months of fascinating and to know more about the customer.

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