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Sehri from Iftar, at least how many glasses of water to drink?
October 25, 2021, 4:53 pm

Sehri from Iftar, at least how many glasses of water to drink?

  • Update Time : Saturday, May 1, 2021

 There are many things we need to know during the month of Ramadan.

One such issue is how much water we drink during the month of Ramadan and what kind of food we eat will meet our water needs. Today we will learn more about this from a nutritionist.

Nutritionist Samia Tasneem gave details about this in a regular health program on NTV. “We all know now that fasting has been hot for several years and because of this extra heat, many people go dehydrated and their bodies become dehydrated and they face various problems,” he said.

Many people try to fast from a young age.

Or those who are older, but many of them are sick. In most cases, excessive heat and prolonged fasting are creating an imbalance of water in their body. That is why they are getting very sick at the end of Ramadan.

Nutritionist Samia Tasneem said that it is time to drink water, when we are breaking the fast, we have to take at least 10 glasses of water from one hour after iftar to before sehri. This water we will take ordinary aqua. There are many other types of foods that we can use to meet our water needs.

We know that summer or summer time is called honeymoon.

Every fruit but this time we get it. As soon as we see around us, we get a combination of fruits. This results in a lot of water. This water is accompanied by different types of electrolytes.

Such as potassium, sodium, various electrolytes; When our body is sweating or when water is coming out of our body, there is an imbalance of different types of electrolytes along with our body aqua.

Whenever we have such fruits, such as watermelon or coconut water or apple or any kind of juicy fruits, those fruits if we can not add fresh, any kind of sugar or anything else. Only if we take coconut aqua from the fruit or such iftar, then it can be seen that the electrolytes imbalance with the water is able to balance properly.

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One such thing is, can we have these tea-coffee or cold drinks during the month of Ramadan? In answer to such questions, we can say that any kind of caffeinated food means drinks, drinking this kind of caffeinated aqua after fasting all day can increase our immunity.

But whenever the immunity increases, our body becomes dehydrated. In addition, if we have sugary cold drinks, even after taking them, but we can have many kinds of problems. For this reason, we will say that the kind of watery food that we eat in the month of Ramadan will eliminate the lack of water in the body, it is very ordinary aqua.

Or the fruits that we will get now — watermelon, coconut aqua or other fruits that will be available now, the fruits that will be seasonal, the fruits will have to be made into natural juice. This means no sugar or honey can be added. Only from fruit juice will we get sugar or other electrolytes.

If you can drink at least 10 to 15 glasses of sherbet or water from Iftar to before Sehri, then the water requirement of the body will be met nicely as a result of your fasting throughout the day.

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