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The body needs thousands of chemicals for various functions. - nbcbangla
October 25, 2021, 5:20 pm

The body needs thousands of chemicals for various functions. – nbcbangla

  • Update Time : Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The body needs thousands of chemicals for various functions. Vitamin C is a special ingredient in many cells.

Vitamin in English. But once the word Vitamine was written. An additional E was given. The reason – when the Polish biochemist Casimir Funk first discovered the vitamin in 1912, he assumed that it originated from ammonia in the amine group. Vitamine was given in combination with Vi + amine as it is considered to be a vital element of the body. It was later discovered that vitamins do not actually belong to the amine group. Since then it has been written with the exception of extra e – Vitamin!
The body needs 14 such vitamins. Vitamin D is one of them.
Although there are five types of vitamin D, there is more talk about two types. D2 and D3. The rest are D1, D4 and D5.
The chemical name of vitamin D2 is Ergocalciferol. The name of vitamin D3 is Cholecalciferol.
Sunlight is thought to be the main source of vitamin D in the body. So many people call it Sunshine Vitamin. When exposed to sunlight, UVB rays convert 7-dehydrocholesterol, a type of cholesterol in the epidermis layer of the skin, into vitamin D with the help of the liver and kidneys.
In addition to these sources in the body, vitamin D is also found in animals and plants. No type of fruit contains vitamin D. Tofu made from mushrooms and soy in vegetables contains this vitamin. Egg yolks and beef liver have little vitamin D. Most commonly found in salmon and sardines. For a long time now, people have been eating cod liver oil made from cod liver as the main supplement of vitamin D.
The International Daily RDA or recommended dietary allowance for vitamin D is 400 for children under one year, 600 for children between one and seventy years of age and 600 IU or International units for those above seventy years of age.
The name of the vitamin D test in the blood is 25-hydroxy vitamin D test. 20 to 50 ng / mL is the normal level of vitamin D.
Below 12 ng / mL it is found that there is a severe deficiency of this vitamin.
Vitamin D toxicity occurs above 50 ng / mL. Excess calcium in the body interferes with the normal functioning of many parts of the body, including the kidneys and bones.
Vitamin D has many functions. But its main function in the body is to keep the bone structure right. Calcium is an essential element in building, rebuilding and maintaining bones. Vitamin D regulates the absorption of calcium and the normal amount in the blood.
In addition to helping with bone formation, vitamin D helps the body fight infections. Recent studies have shown that vitamin D plays a role in boosting the body’s immunity.
Experiments have shown that T cells, B cells and macrophages, which are part of the immune system, all require vitamin D. It has also been found that lack of vitamin D increases the risk of autoimmune diseases such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
What is the relationship between vitamin D and corona virus?
Recently, six studies have been conducted in Stuttgart, Germany, including the University of Hohenheim in England, Indonesia, Ireland, Europe, Asia and America on the relationship of vitamin D with Kovid-19.
Studies have shown that coronavirus infection is not directly related to vitamin D, but the presence of other physical problems in the absence of the vitamin can lead to infection and death, even death.
Therefore, vitamin D deficiency worsens the condition as a companion to pre-existing diseases. So if you take more vitamin D, does the virus attack less? Or does vitamin D protect against corona virus in any way? Or does vitamin D have any effect on COBID-19?
To find out, Public Health England (PHE) last month collected 16 literary references to the relationship between covid-19 and vitamin D and re-analyzed five of them. Published the letter and gave an instruction.
The analysis seeks answers to 4 questions.
1. Whether Vitamin D has a role in Covid 19 treatment
2. Whether vitamin D plays any role in the prevention of covid 19.
3. Vitamin D deficiency has a role in the easy attack of Covid 19.
4. Whether there are some people in the group who can get the benefit of not getting Covid 19 by taking vitamin D.
The answer to the first and second questions was – no. Vitamin D has no role in the treatment or prevention of Covid-19.
The third question is divided into several groups. While vitamin D deficiency has no direct role in covid-19, it has been found that age, ethnicity, some pre-existing diseases, weather, as well as location and vitamin D deficiency contribute to covid infection. For example, people in black and Southeast Asia mean that people in the subcontinent have a higher concentration of melanin in their skin, so the sun’s UVB rays prevent them from making enough vitamin D, which puts the body in a vitamin deficiency.
The answer to the fourth question has been found – people in the group of diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic lung problems, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, taking vitamin D can be easily infected with the virus or if infected, the problem can be avoided.
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