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The first day of the lockdown: busy roads in the capital, crowds
October 25, 2021, 4:29 pm

The first day of the lockdown: busy roads in the capital, crowds

  • Update Time : Monday, April 5, 2021
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On the first day of the lockdown across the country, a couple of buses were seen running on the roads of the capital. Although the number of vehicles was less in the early morning, it has increased a lot as the day progresses. The number of rickshaws, CNG, private cars and motorcycles has increased.

Besides, public gatherings were also seen on the roads.

Many have been seen taking to the streets without following hygiene rules. Social distance is not being observed in many cases. As a result, on the first day of the lockdown, the question remains as to whether the government instructions are being strictly followed.

Meanwhile, various emergency goods have been seen to be transported under the ban since morning. In addition, various organizations have been seen taking employees to their offices in their own transport system. However, many organizations do not have their own transport system, so some people are going to work by rickshaw or CNG.

On the other hand, there was no sign of lockdown in Savar, Dhaka. On Monday morning, the first day of the week-long lockdown, crowds of people were seen on the streets of Savar as usual.

The impact of the lockdown in the industrial areas of Savar and Ashulia has not been felt as the factories are open. The factory workers have been getting on the bus since Monday morning. Although there is an abundance of different types of vehicles on the road, many commuters are in trouble due to the ban on public transport.

Many of the garment workers have left on foot, many in rickshaws or autorickshaws to go to work.

Just as the administration did not see any special initiative in implementing the lockdown, there was no danger of maintaining social distance.

Many garment workers have expressed their displeasure over not getting vehicles. They also questioned the effectiveness of the lockdown by keeping mills open in labor-intensive industries across the country. Workers say they are most at risk of infection.

Rafiqul Hossain, a garment worker at Savar bus stand, said, “We are huddled without vehicles.” The extra rent has to be calculated. The lockdown has added to our suffering. “

Meanwhile, the number of victims of corona has also increased in Savar. A search of the local private medical college hospitals revealed that there were no vacancies in the Corona ward. Even relatives of the patient have been seen crying for an intensive care unit (ICU) bed.

In the last 24 hours, two of the corona patients undergoing treatment at Enam Medical College Hospital in Savar have died.

Meanwhile, people rushed to the bus terminal, railway station and launch dock on Sunday to leave Dhaka due to the lockdown. Intense traffic jams can be seen on various roads in the crowd of homebound people.

Crowds of passengers were seen at Kamalapur and Airport railway stations. It seemed that many were going home for Eid holidays. However, no hygiene rules have been followed to prevent corona infection.

Crowds of people were also noticed at the Gabtoli bus terminal. Passengers were seen boarding the bus without following the hygiene rules.

On the other hand, many complained that the bus fare was 70 per cent higher despite taking more passengers.

Terrible situation has also been seen in the launch ghat of Sadarghat. Thousands of homeless people ignore the wind and hostile weather and sit on the launch to go home. Many have been seen going back without getting seats.

The government issued a notification on Sunday announcing a one-week lockdown from Monday due to increased coronavirus infection.

The circular also issued 11 directives banning public transport across the country during the lockdown, banning people from leaving their homes from 7 pm to 6 am without an emergency, and banning the sale and purchase of raw materials and daily necessities.

Deputy Secretary of the Field Administration Coordination Branch of the Cabinet. The instructions were given in a circular signed by Shafayat Mahbub Chowdhury.

What is stated in the notification is given below-

(A) All types of public transport (road, sea, rail and domestic flights) will be closed. However, this order will not be applicable in case of transportation of goods, production system, emergency services. In addition, this prohibition will not apply to people going abroad / returning from abroad;

(B) law and order and emergency services, such as relief distribution, healthcare, electricity, water, gas, fuel, fire services, port activities (land ports, river ports and seaports), telephone and internet, postal services and other essential and essential goods and services. Concerned offices, their employees and vehicles will be exempt from this prohibition.

(C) All Government / Semi-Government / Autonomous Offices and Courts and Private Offices

Shall be able to bring only a limited number of manpower required for carrying out emergency work to and from the office under their own transport management. Factories and construction works will continue.

Industrial workers have to be brought and taken by their own organizations under their own transport management. BGMEA and BKMEA will have to arrange field hospital / treatment for their workers at a convenient location near the industrial area.

(D) No one may go out of the house in any way from 7 pm to 6 am except in case of urgent need (purchase of medicines and daily necessities, medical services, burial / burial, etc.);

(E) Only food can be sold / supplied (takeaway / online) in food shops and hotels-restaurants. Under no circumstances can food be taken while sitting in a hotel-restaurant;

(F) Other shops including shopping malls will remain closed. However, stores will be able to buy and sell wholesale and retail products online. In that case, there must be strict hygiene among the employees at all times and no buyer can go in person;

(G) Raw market and daily necessities can be bought and sold in open space from 8 am to 4 pm in accordance with hygiene rules. The market authority / local administration will confirm the matter;

(H) Bangladesh Bank shall provide necessary instructions to keep the banking system open to a limited extent;

(I) the Armed Forces Department shall take necessary steps to establish a field hospital at a convenient place in Dhaka;

(J) the district and field administrations across the country will take effective steps to implement the said guidelines and law enforcement will intensify regular patrols; And

(K) Strict legal action will be taken against those who disobey this order.

The notification requested the concerned ministries and departments to take necessary steps regarding the directives.

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