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The Keto diet may be the cause of your death
October 28, 2021, 6:12 pm

The Keto diet may be the cause of your death

  • Update Time : Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Keto diet is currently very popular among young people in our country.

But this keto diet may be the cause of your death. Yes, you have heard the cause of death We know that glucose is essential for the survival of human cells and the main source of glucose is carbohydrates, keto diet is no carbohydrate diet. So what will glucose be produced with?

Other sources include fatty acids, which are high in the keto diet.

Glucose is made from these fatty acids, a process called gluconeogenesis. During this gluconeogenesis many components are produced as waste. Methyl glyoxal is one of them.keto diet,ketogenic diet,diet,keto diet for beginners,keto diet plan,keto diet explained,what ketogenic diet,ketosis diet,keto diet results,what is ketogenic diet,what is the keto diet,ketogenic diet explained,low carb diet,the keto diet,how to start the keto diet,how to keto diet,doctor keto diet,diet review,keto diet healthy,keto diet meal plan,how to start a keto diet,keto diet before after,weight loss diet,doctor ketogenic diet,keto diet plan for weight loss,ketojenik diyet,

If methyl glyoxal is produced at normal times, his body can deactivate it because the quantity is less. But as a result of the Keto diet, the amount of this methyl glyoxal is much higher which the body cannot inactivate.

This methyl glyoxal is a reactive oxygen species that causes oxidative stasis. It can be said that oxidative stress is mainly responsible for kidney failure, heart failure or diabetes. This means that the Keto diet will make your kidney, heart or liver follicle very fast.

Dry the body, you will be slim with heart disease, kidney failure. And diabetes patients will get home. Terrible times are waiting for the young generation of Bangladesh.

Now the body is yours, the decision is yours. So the way to be slim? The only way is to eat all kinds of food in moderation and exercise regularly. That’s it 6

We were informed of our responsibility. (Easy to understand)

Dr. Sharif Qadri

PhD Research Fellow, Division of Diabetes

Department of Internal Medicine

Aichi Medical University, Japan 8

What You Should Know About The Keto Diet Today’s article in very simple language to find the solution

 I take a Masters course called Therapeutic Nutrition This course has a chapter called Neurological Disorders. And one of the neurological disorders is epilepsy which we call epilepsy in Bengali.

We call epilepsy a sudden loss of consciousness due to abnormal brain activity.

People become unconscious because the electrical activity of the brain is too fast or the brain suddenly becomes too excited. And for this reason, to cool or normalize the brain, 5% of carbohydrates, 75% of fat and 20% of protein are given in the diet list for epilepsy.

Which is called keto diet.

This diet is also given for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disorders. And the ketone (Acetoacetate, Beta Hydroxy Butyrate, Acetone) that is produced due to the Keto diet calms the brain.

It also produces GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) which reduces the tension in the brain. Unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) which protect brain cells from stimulation.

From what I said above, the ketogenic diet has been good so far, now let’s see what the negative effects can be.

There are no fat people who are on social media they don’t know about this.

But sadly there are many types of ketogenic diets where carbohydrates can be eaten, but not many people know that. There is a keto diet called cyclic ketogenic diet where you can go on a keto diet for five days and eat high carbohydrates for the remaining two days.

This is a fairly balanced body. But for quick weight loss you follow the standard keto diet (especially the catastrophic diet).

Carbohydrates are the main driving force or main body fuel of human beings. When you do not eat carbohydrates, the body will begin to break down fats and proteins in alternative ways.

And at this time you will also feel that you will feel dizzy, dizzy, when you try to stand after sitting for a long time, you will see that your head is dizzy. And the field will feel particularly nauseous.

So what is the cause of this condition?

The reason is that you are not running your main fuel in an alternative way, suppose you have a motorcycle where you run it with octane, and because of this the motorcycle runs at high speed and the power is much higher. But suddenly went to run with kerosene.

The motorcycle will run just fine but you know what the problem will be, the black smoke will come out through its silencer pipe, and there will be terrible noise.

After a few days you will see that the engine of your motorcycle will be damaged. Even now we see that CNG is being used in cars instead of oil but the power of the car is not there.

Now if you compare your body with this motorcycle or car then you will understand what the situation might be in the near future.

Decide what problems you may have due to the Keto diet and decide whether to follow this diet without the advice of a nutritionist or dietitian. * You may have keto flu and the bad aspects of which are:





– Nausea or vomiting

* Kidney stones.

* High Cholesterol 6

* Bone loss 6

* Obstruction of body development 6

* Deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

* Excess of protein in the blood.

* Bad breath coming out of the mouth while talking and bad breath.

* Loss of body beauty including hair and skin.

For those who should not have keto diet


* This diet is prohibited for those who have insulin dependent diabetes (Type 1 Diabetes). This diet stops the production of insulin.

* Those who have kidney problems 6

* There are 6 pancreatitis

* During pregnancy and breastfeeding.

* For those who take medication for type 2 diabetes (Non insulin dependent Diabetes), this diet can cause keto acidosis, which means an increase in the amount of acid in the blood.


Brother and Apara you have lost my weight but not 10-20 kg in 1 month 2 months, so why do you want to lose 5-6 kg in 1 month ?? !!


So with patience, with the help of a dietitian or nutritionist or food and nutrition student, you can plan your diet to lose or gain weight.


Thanks To

Md. Shamimul Haque

BCS (General Education)


Food and nutrition

College of Home Economics

Azimpur, Dhaka.

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