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Things to know before buying RAM in computer - nbcbangla
October 20, 2021, 4:01 am

Things to know before buying RAM in computer – nbcbangla

  • Update Time : Sunday, August 9, 2020

Proper discussion about RAM

Basically we don’t have to do anything with RAM, we have to use the way the architecture of the motherboard is designed. This means that your motherboard decides how much bus speed you need to buy any DDR RAM. The maximum you can use to determine how many GB of RAM to install on your system.
The most common myth about RAM is that “more frequency and more capacity RAM means more speed” is not true in all cases.
Giving an example will make the point clear. Suppose you are doing video editing which demands 8 GB RAM of your system. You already have 6 GB RAM of 1333 MHz installed in your system. You want to work faster because you feel the system is working slower. You get 16 GB of 1600 MHz RAM (that’s possible with some motherboards supporting two frequencies of RAM). And when you go to work, you see that your speed has not improved. Where you thought the speed would almost double.
Now let’s not understand why this happened. Your system already had enough RAM. Of the 6 GB, 2 GB was unused. In this you added 6 GB more. As a result, this 8 GB is not working for you, including the previous 2 GB. On the contrary, installing 1600 MHz RAM has increased the CAS Latency of RAM. 1333 MHz RAM CAS Latency 9 Nano Second On the other hand 1600 MHz RAM CAS Latency 15 Nano Second. The lower the CAS Latency, the higher the RAM speed. So buy less CAS Latency RAM. So we realized that the extra RAM in the system does not make the system fast. In some cases, the reverse can be slow.
Now the question is does 1600 MHz RAM work in 1333 MHz slot? The answer is yes. However, it itself clocks down to 1333 MHz.
Now the question is how many GB of RAM is required to be installed in the system?
The answer to this question will be one for one. Your system will require RAM depending on the type of work you do.
4 GB RAM is enough for you if you are limited to watching Microsoft Office work or listening to music movies on your computer. If you do image editing, small video editing, 6 GB RAM is enough for you, it will also run at 4 GB. Even if you are a gamer, 8 GB is enough, you can install a graphics card with that money without increasing the RAM if needed and buy a monitor with a higher refresh rate.
Professional video editing or audio mixing will require 16 GB of RAM. In addition, if you have to work with Fork or Eight resolution video or work with a special heavy project, you can install 32 GB or 64 GB RAM in your system as needed.
Now the question is how many RAM sticks will you install?
This is a trick to increase the speed of the system. If you need 8 GB RAM and you have 2 slots on your motherboard, then install 2 GB stick with 4 GB. If the motherboard has 4 slots, install 4 GB of 2 GB RAM stick. Because if your computer is dual channel mode compatible, then if you put RAM in 2 slots instead of RAM in one slot, it will work at double bandwidth. However, make sure that each RAM is the same amount and the same frequency. This means that if you put 2, 2 times 4 GB and 1333 MHz. It should not be a 4 GB, a 2 GB or a 1333 MHz and a 108 MHz.
If you have difficulty understanding something or have a question, please comment. I will try to explain as much as possible.

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