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Vaccine will not work, if you go to America to get a new vaccine?
October 28, 2021, 5:18 pm

Vaccine will not work, if you go to America to get a new vaccine?

  • Update Time : Saturday, June 5, 2021

 Have you taken two doses of Corona Vaccine from the country? If you go to America, you can fall into misery. Any new US vaccine may have to be taken back.

This time: Vaccination is done! There are two doses of covaxin. Certificate of immunization is also included. Then why again? Indian student Milni Doshi is in a dilemma. Because, Columbia University recently informed him, he will have to get vaccinated again as soon as he comes to the campus. Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. The risk of him going abroad in this extreme weather, the risk of this vaccine again. It is not yet clear what effect the two completely different vaccines (Corona Vaccine) will have on the body.covid 19 news, coronavirus,covid 19 news bangladesh, covid 19 news dhaka, covid 19 news satkhira, covid 19 vaccine, covid 19 india, covid 19 map, covid 19 kolkata, covid 19 update news, covid 19 usa,

Then why such a ‘fatwa’ of Columbia University? An American media outlet claims that not only Colombia, but almost all colleges and universities in their country have informed foreign students that they are reluctant to recognize the Indian covacin or the Russian corona-vaccine Sputnik V. Because these two vaccines have not yet been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). So if you come to study in America from India or any other country, you have to take the vaccine introduced in that country. What if someone took two doses of Covishield? In that case, of course, he can go to America without hindrance. Because, it is on the list of Hu’s approved tickers.

Milni Doshi, 25, is planning to pursue post-graduate studies at the School of International and Public Affairs. He is now more concerned about the risk of this ‘cocktail’ tick than going to study abroad. Research is still being done on whether two types of vaccines can be used to prevent coronavirus.

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