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What happens when the phone is restarted? How often should your mobile be restarted? - nbc
October 28, 2021, 4:32 pm

What happens when the phone is restarted? How often should your mobile be restarted? – nbc

  • Update Time : Thursday, October 8, 2020

What happens when the phone is restarted? How often should your mobile be restarted? – nbcbangla.com

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What happens when the phone restarts?

Is your mobile phone lagging or running a little slower than usual?

As an answer to this question most people advise you to restart your mobile first. And really after restarting the mobile phone or any computing device starts to perform a little better. When you restart your mobile phone, a number of internal processes take place during this time which help in enhancing the performance of your mobile.

RAM Memory Cleaning:

Even if you close the applications that you use a lot after using them, the data of those applications will not be completely removed from the RAM. Almost all current operating systems use their intelligence to store the data of your daily used applications in RAM. As a result, when you launch that particular application, it is presented to you in a relatively short time. This way the data is stored in the RAM and the memory space in your RAM is reduced. In fact, when you open a new application, it seems as if your mobile has become slow.

If you want to fill this filled RAM space for free then you have to restart your mobile or manually you have to stop each application.

Since some of the RAM files are deleted after the restart, the new application opens a little faster and relatively it seems as if the mobile has become a little faster.

System Check:

When the system reboots after your mobile is restarted, your operating system performs various error check processes and tries to fix certain errors at that time.

How often should your mobile be restarted?

There is no set policy on how often you will restart your mobile. This depends entirely on your mobile and you. If you feel that your mobile phone is lagging or running slow or getting hotter than usual (heating issue), you can reboot its system at any time.

Although it is not possible every day, you can restart your mobile at least once a week.

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