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What is the Internet? How the Internet is created and how the Internet works knows - nbcbangla
October 20, 2021, 4:10 am

What is the Internet? How the Internet is created and how the Internet works knows – nbcbangla

  • Update Time : Tuesday, August 11, 2020

What is the Internet? How the Internet is created and how the Internet works Jenin – nbcbangla.com

A few days ago, the speed of the internet slowed down due to the loss of the submarine cable while extracting sand. But why did the speed of the internet slow down due to the loss of a small pipe? Trying to discuss this.
Submarine cable means straight underwater pipe in Bengali. The pipe through which the optical wire is. Which we use on the Internet.
We can download the videos, pictures, information, etc. that we search in the phone again. All in all, these videos, pictures, various kinds of information do not come to you automatically. These are preserved somewhere. The datacenter is where these files are stored.
So do these files come to us through the air?
The answer is yes or no.
We search for the files we find somewhere. Those Bengali or English texts float in the air and go to the datacenter and send us the information of our request.
As we searched “How can you do well in exams without reading?”
The datacenter must already have a file with this name. It can be called nickname without name. Because the device does not understand our language. They understand binary i.e. 1 and 0.If anyone has this name, he should go now. Then, in our searched request, the datacenter tries to send the file with this name over the air / satellite. In this way, many more requests come at the same time and if they are sent in the air, there is a possibility of information accident in the air as a result of a lot of information going together. So in order to prevent this accident, the experts came up with a new way of sending the information to the requester with the help of light wire. Because the speed of light is the highest at the moment. Light wire connectivity is needed all over the world to transfer data through this pipe. A network connectivity is created worldwide by sending these light wires through pipes. This is why the Internet is also called a global network.
The pipes are connected from the data center to large hills, rivers, and seas.
And if those pipes were connected over the river and sea, like a dish, then the connection would be closed in a little rain. So to connect the pipe connectivity with the connection of the submarine cable to the bottom of the Nadi Sagar, the ocean. So with the help of this pipe broadband merchants arrange direct internet connectivity. They increase or decrease the internet speed through the control system in different places. And with this broad band line we get internet connectivity with the help of WiFi router. The electromagnetic signal that comes out of the WiFi router at once and we receive that signal with the help of the device’s antenna. There are some ranges of WiFi networks for this. Our device will have internet connectivity as long as we can access this signal. We can also provide internet connectivity directly to our device via cable from WiFi router.
This is about broadband internet.
But we who do not use broadband also work on the Internet, but how?
The SIM companies provide connectivity to their towers with the help of those pipes of optical fiber that come from the bottom of big mountains, rivers, seas, etc. And at the top of the tower you can see the red light where the antenna is. Those antennas emit electromagnetic signals and the antennas of the devices in our hands receive those signals to gain internet connectivity.
This is the cost of the operators and requires maintenance. They cost a large amount. And in this world, no one spends a penny for anyone. How can the seam companies in business spend so much money for you?
No, they will not spend for us, they will take money from us in return. When we buy a single megabyte of information from billions of customers to search for different information, but the right people take billions of rupees from us.
This is business.
So a few days ago, when a submarine cable was hit while trying to pick up sand, the speed of internet across Bangladesh slowed down.

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