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Mental Health: Find out which foods can calm the mind
October 28, 2021, 4:50 pm

Mental Health: Find out which foods can calm the mind

  • Update Time : Monday, August 23, 2021
মানসিক চাপ কমানোর টিপস.
ভূলে যাওয়া রোগের কারন লক্ষন এবং প্রতিরোধে উপায়।

Mental Health and relaxing food, Stressed out all the time? Many are under increasing stress. If the problem escalates, you must consult a doctor or psychologist. However, it is possible to reduce this pressure somewhat domestically.

Many of the terms or foods we know contain certain ingredients that can calm the mind. Let’s see what they are.

Sweet Potatoes: Cortisol is a major cause of stress. Sweet potatoes or red potatoes reduce the secretion of this hormone. The mind stays good.

Eggs: It contains many types of nutrients. It has an ingredient called choline. It keeps the brain healthy. Reduces stress.

Marine fish: Salmon or similar marine fish are rich in omega 3 and vitamin D. Both of these help reduce stress.

Garlic: Many ingredients of garlic have been proven from many studies to keep the mind away from anxiety and fatigue.

Broccoli: It contains a substance called sulforaphane. It reduces the amount of fatigue. And calms the mind.

Kabli Chhola: Not only is it good to eat, this chhola is also very beneficial for the brain. Its ingredient called L-tryptophan makes the mind better.

Blueberries: Blueberries are easily available in this country as well. Only a few blueberries a day can refresh the mind. Its antioxidant flavonoids improve mood in a short time.

Chamomile tea: Several components of this tea help to sleep. Sleep is better by drinking this tea at night. As a result, the mind is good.

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